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River Cities Management is an industrial, office, light manufacturing, warehouse property owner with over 25 years of proven experience in commercial real estate management.  Headquartered in Iowa, we own and operate all facilities internally with a responsive team dedicated to overseeing maintenance, coordinating appropriate space configurations, and assessing leasing terms.         
 Led by a team of commercial real estate specialists, we pair business owners and team leaders with the right space for their ever-changing needs.  Our diverse portfolio caters to a variety of businesses looking for a centrally located space with great access to a host of different locations.  With over 3 million square feet of both interior and exterior space, easy access by rail, river, or road, and the ability to cater to your specific needs, we make it simple for you.                                                    
 Call or email to set up an appointment with our leasing specialist or to find out how we can best suit your needs.

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